Agrizen Briefly

The word Agrizen is just a word. At one time there may have been a definition but whatever that may have been has long since been forgotten.


Even though the word 'Agrizen' has proved to be of no real value, I still think that it is a interesting word. I also believe that depending on the context it could prove to be useful. Example: 'Ag' as an abbreviation for agriculture combined with 'Zen' (Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment) loosely taken from Wikipedia, could imply an evelated concept that could be applied to agriculture and how it applies to human existence. That's stretching quite a bit but with some proper wordsmithing has potentional. I'll have to exit quietly at this point due to my lack wisdom or any real knowledge for that point. Be creative and question everything, non-destructively as often as possible.


So, this domain name and the myriad hosts it has been linked with, and the various content that it has been source for, has usually only served me to learn, test or demonstrate. My newest endeavor is to create a place on the web to display pictures, wax non-sensically and create a pseudo-private community.